Leadership and Members / 2016-2018

Brotherhood Golf Foundation Inc. – A Brief History

The idea for the Brotherhood Golf Foundation Inc. came about in February 2008. Bernard Pragides was invited by Mr. Bobby Estrella to join him in one of his annual “Feed the Children” programs at the Associacion de Damas de Filipinas, a child caring facility for the abandoned, neglected, orphaned and dependent who are categorized as Children in Need of Special Care located in Paco, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Bernard was very curious at the time and decided to join him. Bobby brought food to the children and to the volunteers of the organization. Bernard decided that the best thing that he could do at the time was to offer a small cash donation.

In 2009, Bobby and Bernard went back to the Philippines. They once again donated money and participated in the feeding program as they did the previous year.

They felt at the time that they wanted to do more. Thus, they decided to spread the word and tell some of their fellow golfers about the Associacion de Damas de Filipinas. They wanted to bring more players to visit the organization and join them in this noble cause. “The more, the better,” they said in order to help more children.

In January of 2010, they brought along Mr. Andy Justo with them. He was very impressed with what he saw and decided to lend a helping hand. They were very happy and were encouraged by his enthusiasm to help.

This led them to bring another golfer, Mr. Art Divino, from the SGI (Senior Golfers of Illinois) to join them the following year in 2011. Together, they brought food to the children and the SGI group also gave a cash donation. Along with other SGI members, Del Pulido, Jessie Magsino, Ferdie Yarra, Ollie Olvena, Domie Lico and their wives to name a few, they also visited the Padre Pio orphanage in Davao to bring cash donations.

When they got back to Chicago, the team of Bernard, Bobby, Art, Del, Ferdie, and Andy decided to get together and discuss the possibility of starting a foundation so they can continue this noble cause. At the time, they were also playing with another group.  The group would play every Monday and was started by Mr. Rene Javier with a few other people. They then told Rene Javier and other golfers about this plan, and it was decided that they should form a non-profit organization between them who play every Monday.

Bernard suggested that the group be named Brotherhood Golf Foundation Inc.

After a few more meetings, the Brotherhood Golf Foundation Inc. was born.


President – Chris “Boyet” Abacan 

Vice-President – Glicerio “G” Abante 

Secretary – Angel Quiaoit

Treasurer – Ben Miranda

Auditor – Rupert Ibay

Sgt. at Arms – Rudy Lacuesta

Board of Directors

  • Pat Mangulabnan
  • Del Pulido
  • Jimmy Tiongson
  • Rene Javier
  • Andy Justo
  • Bernard Pragides

2018 Members

  • Boyet Abacan
  • Glicerio Abante
  • Fred Alba Jr.
  • Joel Almonte
  • Mert Blancaflor
  • Henry Cristi
  • Jun Delfin
  • Bobby Estrella
  • Frank Eisenman
  • Dr. Lito Fernandez
  • Rupert Ibay
  • Rene Javier
  • Pepe Jimenez
  • Andy Justo
  • Rudy Lacuesta
  • Jess Lagman
  • Domie Lico
  • Gerry Liwanag
  • Tony Maloloyon
  • Pat Mangulabnan
  • Clive Merril
  • Ed Messina
  • Ben Miranda
  • George O’donoghue
  • Ronnie Perez
  • Rowel Plata
  • Bernard Pragides
  • Del Pulido
  • Angel Quiaoit
  • Gen. Boni Ramos
  • Jun Ramos
  • Bernan Redovan
  • Tyler Riley
  • Rene Rivera
  • Gil Sarmiento
  • Ramon Serra
  • Bes Sulit
  • Art Tabayoyong
  • Jimmy Tiongson
  • Benny Trinidad
  • Manny Uy
  • Bert Valencia